Our services include:

Transcript Delivery

  • Prompt Transcript Delivery of any stenographically recorded proceeding in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, Manhattan. Southern District Reporters delivers your transcripts when you need them.
  • Email delivery in your choice of format.
  • Realtime delivery instantly to your computer in the courtroom or streamed to a remote location via Courtroom Connect. (See details below.)
  • Hourly delivery: Transcripts delivered within two hours.
  • Daily delivery: Transcripts delivered the morning following the proceeding.
  • Expedited delivery: Transcripts delivered within seven or fourteen days of order.
  • Regular delivery: Transcript delivered within thirty calendar days of order.

Realtime Reporting

Realtime court reporting is now a standard in litigation. Southern District Reporters offer realtime reporting in every courtroom.

To access realtime reporting of a proceeding, a laptop computer is interfaced to a court reporter's stenotype machine. Transcripts of the proceedings appear on the screen in realtime—that is, you see the words as they are spoken. Ordering parties may use their own laptop or one furnished by SDR.

Realtime reporting gives a litigator the advantage of:

  • Annotating the transcript as the case proceeds.
  • Better preparation for cross-examination through review of testimony.
  • Keyword searches
  • Sharing testimony via email for review by experts and colleagues.
  • Printing a transcript or saving it to disk.

Learn more about Realtime Reporting.


Southern District Reporters uses Min-U-Script technology for condensing and indexing transcripts. Min-U-Script's index of all significant words in the transcript helps a litigating team to easily locate specific testimony. Four pages of standard text is condensed onto one easily readable page.